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Our team has coded over 300 programs including websites, addon modules and more!


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Our team has satisfied hundreds of clients with our cutting-edge products and support.


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We work with world leading companies to ensure we can offer our customers the best.

What's Next?

We will continue to focus on growing our brands along with focusing on our new custom cloud management sofware called Cloudment.

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Our new cloud management software gives both companies and end-users the tools to easily easy manage cloud server infrastructure.

Awesome Support

Each of our team members has more than six years of experience in the programming, networking, and business fields.

Modern Interface

Cloudment used fast modern frameworks and went through trial phases taking feedback to heart to ensure our software is easy to use.


They have A+ customer service; whenever i needed help, they were always there and helped right away, very friendly too. They have amazing deals and offer good quality hosting services! Definitely recommend! They also cover a wide variety of games

Savannah - Designer

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Save the world from plastic

Surak is not just growing it's online presence, we're also working with companies to build the future of bio-packing to reduce our planets reliance on plastics.

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Bioplastics is a massive issue, imagine a data center's boxes.
Using tens of thousands of plastic boxes is unsustainable.

We actually care about our customers and planet.
We do everything we can to put customers before profits.

Using bio-friendly alternatives grows your presence.
Going bio-friendly can grow your company.

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1,435,000 end users

Many hosting companies, startups, universities and governmental institutions love Surak's products.

1 day ago

"The staff is very good with ticket handling. The host is very cheap for the greatness of the items! One critique is the website on mobile, very cluttered but they are currently developing the website, excited for the final product!"

1 week ago

"The staff immediately helped out and along with that they generously donated alot of time to try and get node js working on cpanel but after all its out of their control, along with that its cheap and reliable with great customer support. ecourim will always be sticking with forest racks when it comes to hosting something."

3 weeks ago

"I have been using ForestRacks for the past month now. They provide amazing VPS services. There machines are extremely fast, and they have a Discord staff team who is quick to respond to any of your questions."



Our New Cloud-based Dashboard

We are happy to annouce that our team is currently building on a cloud infrastructure with fully custom cloud management software. This project is lead by our new Managing Director.

Matthew is a important part of our team that is active in the Cloud Architecture space. He has lead many successful business in this space and in different categories such as gaming and entertainment.

Check Matthew's work

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